Hoplites were citizen-soldiers of Ancient Greek city-states who were primarily armed with spears and shields. Hoplite soldiers utilized the phalanx formation to be effective in war with fewer soldiers. The formation discouraged the soldiers from acting alone, for this would compromise the formation and minimize its strengths. The hoplites were primarily represented by free citizens – propertied farmers and artisans – who were able to afford the bronze armour suit and weapons (estimated at a third to a half of its able-bodied adult male population).

Hoplite Chess Set - Meander Green Oxidation Board

    • KING'S HEIGHT: 5,0 cm
    • BASE ø: 1,0 cm
    • WEIGHT: 0,800 kg
    • MATERIAL: Bronze Plated Zinc Alloy
    • CHESS BOARD SQUARE: 2,5 cm
    • CHESS BOARD MATERIAL: Bronze with Green Oxidation
  • Single box packaging including thirty two (32) pieces and the Chess board.